How to get the Perfect Consistency With Your Cum Lube

blue dildo shooting out cum lube

Loaded! Cum Lube is a water based lubricant designed to imitate the real thing. Not only is it great for specific fetish play, it’s great for general use as it is formulated to be more viscous and long lasting than other water based lubes. If you are interested in learning how to achieve the perfect consistency of cum lube, keep on reading!

What you’ll need

Altering the consistency of your cum lube is actually an easy task, thanks to it being water based. Here is the list of things that you’ll need to prepare before getting started:

  • Water
  • A bowl or something to mix your lube in
  • A whisk or something to mix your lube with

How to thin the consistency

Once you have gotten everything ready, you can get started on altering the consistency of your Loaded! Cum Lube. By adding water to your cum lube, you will end up with lube that is less viscous if that’s what you prefer or need.

Follow these quick and easy steps to achieve the consistency you desire:

  • Pour some of your cum lube into your bowl or container. Don’t add too much, as you may want to add some more later if the consistency becomes too runny.

  • Add some water to the bowl, mixing it until the lube and water are fully incorporated. You can judge the consistency by seeing how it drips from your mixing utensil or by feeling it with your fingers.

  • If you feel the need to, add some more cum lube to the mix to thicken it up. If not, your lube is ready to go!

Tips and tricks

Here are some extra tips you can use when changing the consistency of your cum lube:

  • You can use measuring tools to calculate the exact lube to water ratio, which can help you with future consistency alterations.

  • If you have a spare bottle lying around, you can use that to store your altered cum lube. Even if you use all of the lube in your bottle, the addition of water means that you will actually have more lube than you started with; This also means that you won’t be able to fit it all in the original bottle.

Reasons to thin out your cum lube

Here are some reasons as to why you would want to alter the consistency of our cum lube.


While some people will be perfectly happy with the consistency of Loaded! Cum Lube, you may prefer a runnier consistency. If that is the case, thinning out the consistency with water will be the perfect solution for you.

For squirting dildos

Squirting dildos are designed to do exactly that, squirt. Adjusting the consistency of your cum lube to be less viscous will make it easier for the lube to pass through the cum tube. Your squirting dildo will be able to shoot long streams of cum lube with ease, for you to enjoy however you please.

More lube

If you don’t mind how thick or thin the consistency of your lube is, thinning it out is a great way to make your lube last even longer. Try not to dilute it too much, as this can reduce the effectiveness of your cum lube as a lubricant.


Loaded! Cum Lube is a high quality lubricant that can be enjoyed as is, or tweaked to your personal preference. Now that you know how to alter the consistency of your cum lube, you can create cum lube that has the perfect consistency for use with a squirting dildo or you can do nothing to it if you prefer to use a viscous lube for solo play or sex.